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Joe, Chains and Other Things

You know, every so often,  a politician tells the truth.  Such is the case with Joe Biden.

A few days ago,  Biden was out doing his thing for #teamObama, and he made the comment “the Republicans are trying to put y’all back in chains” while he was speaking to a large group that was majority black.  Of course, there was a collective “What did he just say?” from pundits, analyst, and of course, black folks.  Mitt Romney said Obama’s team was preaching “hate” and “division”.  *insert eye roll*
Blacks said that Biden was trying to hard.  *add another eye roll* Pundits and analyst said that Biden should be dropped from the ticket. *annoyed face*

You know what I say?  I say that Biden was right on track.

Between sheer laziness, interest rates, taxes, the education system, and the job market, the African American community has become a stagnant population.  Now,  add the new voter laws that are disenfranchising millions of black and lower income voters, and what you have? A group of people shackled by debts, unfair laws, and misinformation given by the ones in charge.  The plans that many Republicans want to implement will hurt many and will place many blacks in the position of being in said debt and suffering from unfair laws and circumstances, mainly because we aren’t just middle class….we make up the majority of the middle class.

Besides….how can we be mad at Biden for saying something that we ourselves say?  Don’t we say all the time that blacks are in slavery because the mindset and actions?



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