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Kobe & Vanessa

Look, let’s keep it real.

1) Kobe’s an idiot. Dude, you are one of the hottest B-ball players in the world. Ain’t you from Italy, anyway. GO OVERSEAS AND CHEAT. Why were you cheating in the States?

2) Um. Where was your pre-nup, sir? If she was, and is, such a gold digger like people are putting out there, then you KNEW this day was coming.  Didn’t ya? Dummy.

3) California is a woman’s state.  Vanessa got the house, the car, and this dude’s pride.

4) Kobe been in the league almost 15 years. Why is he only worth 150 million? #QuestionINeedAnswered Dude, where is your money?

5) I think any woman who stays by a man’s side as he goes through a rape case, whether he did it or not, deserves half. I’m just sayin’.

Oh, and by the way, saying that you won’t get married because Kobe got a divorce is just as stupid as saying you’ll never ride in a car again because Princess Di had a car wreck.


The Politics of Red Tails

Oh, Hollywood, you sneaky little devil.

See, the entertainment industry is good for causing feuds between blacks.  For example, we beg for blacks to win Oscars, and when they do, it’s for roles like Denzel’s in Training Day or like Forrest Whitaker in Last King of Scotland.  Great that they won; but for the role they were in, not so much.  Such is what is going on with Red Tails, the newest movie about the Tuskegee Airmen.  But I must say, when it comes to entertainment, we aren’t happy with anything.

If it’s too realistic (ex: Precious), it’s called sad, and we will boycott. 

If another race is made out to be the “great help” (ex:Precious, The Blind Side), it’s called sad, and we will boycott.

If very real situations are expressed in ways we aren’t used to OR just like the original (ex: For Colored Girls), we will boycott.

Black man is made out into the villain (every Tyler Perry movie made), we get mad, and we privately boycott (as we run to the movie theater to see a matinee).

If a movie is too “deep” (ex: Spike Lee movies) we get mad, say that Spike is an angry black man, and we boycott.

But look, this is the real.  Would it be nice if blacks went and watched Red Tails? Sure.  It’d be awesome.  It’d show Hollywood that we can do more than bootleg.  Will a lot of Blacks opt out and go see Underworld? Probably. 

You know what movie black folks were open-minded about?  Passion of the Christ. And I think that’s because it dealt with Jesus, and you know that’s something we as black folks like. Jesus. And Paula Deen.

What I Observed From Iowa

OMG. So, the Republican race for the nomination has been one big laugh folly.  From Herman Cain singing about pizza, to Bachmann talking about she had a headache, it’s been a non-stop riot. For me, at least.  But last night, the time came to take it a bit more seriously, because Republicans started caucus-ing (is that a word?) yesterday, and caucuses mean that the big election will be coming up soon (#Obama2012)

But yo…I observed a few things last night while watching the endless coverage on the various stations.

1) For Michele Bachmann to be the darling daughter of Iowa, she lost horribly.  Like, wow.

2) Santorum shocked the shit out of ERRBODY. But I mean, the guy is authentic. He was riding around in a pick up truck with two assistants, shaking hands and kissing babies.  That’s pretty serious.

3) For Mitt Romney to be running for President for SO LONG, and to only come out of Iowa with 25%….and to TIE with a relative unknown…is just…hilarity.  He’s a robot. I swear, he’s gonna short-circuit during the general election if he is picked for the nomination.

4) Man, Rick Perry is Bush 2.0. Just as dumb as a cattle prod, and twice as goofy.

5) I really feel bad for Newt. For real. Ya’ll hyped that man head up all last week, only for him to crash and burn once Mitt put out some negative ads.

6) Man, ya’ll Republicans NEEDS to get down with John Huntsman. Um, HELLO!! He used to be in the Obama White House! You got someone with the blueprints in their backpack (Huntsman), but because he got the blueprints, you think he’s “not on your side all the way.”

7) For some reason, Herman Cain’s Pokemon speech would have been bomb after this caucus. LOL

Did you observe anything? Did it make you laugh? Did you think?  Who ya voting for?

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