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And now…on a personal note

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Yo, so…in the name of health, vanity, and supporting my mother, I started going to the gym and REALLy making an effort to eat right. No fast food, no eating after 8, going to the gym EVERY DAY, and staying pretty prayed up about the situation.

I’m blessed guys. Before I came down here, I was 210. Before I started working out, I was 203. After only four days of being in the gym, I’m down to 201.

Yo, I don’t can’t if it’s “water weight loss” or not, I’m feeling good. I’m walking/jogging almost two miles a day, and I’m doing water aerobics. Hey, don’t sleep on the water aerobics. These old white women are on to something. I swear that’s almost a better workout that me getting on the machines (which I’ve been doing that too) But yo,…I feel good.

With that being said, please keep me encouraged guys! I wanna be a nice, sexy, healthy fit person….


Obama and the LBGT community

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YO! Obama is ON IT when it comes to the LBGT community!

Despite DADT not being repealed as quickly as we like, on the 21st, Obama signed a new law that makes hate crimes a FEDERAL OFFENSE. That means, even if someone DOESN’T get the hate crime charge from the state, they can now catch it from the federal level.

Now, if he’ll only get rid of DADT and the Employment Non Discrimination Act, we can really get the balll moving, son!

Three cheers for fairness!!!!!

Protecting our First Americans

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And when I talk first Americans, I’m not talking the Pilgrims.

Obama signed the “Advocates of the Tribal Law and Order Act”. This law took three years to put together and it finally was passed by the Senate. The law states “it will ensure that more crimes, including murders and serious assaults, are reported and prosecuted amid worries that many cases go unpunished.”

This is AWESOME. We ALWAYS forget about our Native American brothers and sisters (unless someone mentions ‘Jacob Black’ from Twilight) It’s about time our government did something to help our original Americans. Our FIRST Americans.

The President and Education

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So….today the President talked about initutives to better the education system. While everything sounds good IN THEORY, I have a couple of points/questions/concerns.

1. I was VERY glad that he talked about parental responsibility. It is truly not up to the school to RAISE a child, but provide them with the skill set and knowledge that will help them in the career world.

2. Mr. President, we need better teachers. I need the standards to become a teacher to be higher. I need teachers who aren’t doing their job to be moved out the way so teachers who CAN and WILL can educate.

3. I need the focus to stop being on athletics and start being on Math and Science.

4. BRING BACK THE ARTS PROGRAMS! We need music. We need theater. We need art. We need these things so that students can be well rounded individuals.

5. Now, this is the biggest issue. We can talk having better education ALL DAY LONG but until the U.S. budget REFLECTS that we care about education, nothing will happen. All the money we have is being pumped into wars and bailing out wall street. How the hell can we have reform if all our tax dollars are used for something else???

6. I like the fact that everytime he is in front of black people, he talks about being a responsible parent. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT.

Now, our President is TRYING. Even if he is on the wrong side of whatever, at least he is making an effort. But like I said…things must be addressed…..

Tribal (part one)

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We are such a tribal people.

But I can’t blame us. It’s in our blood. Our very nature that has been passed down the memory’s museum from generation to generation. Whether your family is from Africa, the West Indies, the Caribbean, Asia, India…we are TRIBAL in nature.

Think about it.

Every group I just named had a form of, or still has a form of, tribes. Groups or sects inside each race that are different in behavior. And there is nothing wrong with that….it’s just….our tribe…MY TRIBE…I don’t know where I come from.

Knowing from where one came is more than knowing who grandma was. It requires knowing who Great Great Great Great Great Great grandma was. A person doesn’t really have a true love for their geneology until they research it. And that’s what I’m going through now. I’m trying to find out what “tribe” I came from.

I wish I knew…..I wish I could find out….but alas….I’m stuck here….a stranger in a weird land….

The Lame

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Do you know
What you are saying when you say
“He’s a lame?”
Is it because he has no name brand clothes
Or he doesn’t treat women like hoes
He talks like he has sense
He went to college and
Has some knowledge?
Is it because he acts suburban
With no traces of the hood –
He treats his momma good
And shows his father some respect –
He’s not what most expect
So you label him a lame.
Because he chose to know your name
Over your favorite sex position?
Because he’s truly on a mission
And not just talking cause he can –
He lives like a grown man,
Invested in houses and bonds –
He’s fond of classical music
Smokes weed, but doesn’t abuse it
Gangs and sets he doesn’t claim
He’s never conned anyone, yet
He’s considered a lame.
A shame you make such a bold
Assumption, because
You mistake him for the average…..

I Wish

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I wish
I could stop caring and
Sharing my inner thoughts;
I wish the answers could be bought
Then I could sell my soul….
Fill the hole that
Grows with money, cars and clothes –
Pretty hos,
Man or woman,
Nice houses off the beach…
I wish I could reach
A level of non-compassion
That others seem to possess –
I wish I could care less,
Not feel the stress of what loving people
Can do –
I wish I felt no pity for the homeless
And the lost…
Wish I could boss others around
And clown peoples choices,
Stifle people’s voices,
And just not give a fuck.
But I don’t have that type of hateful luck
Because the truth is,
I really can’t.
I was granted a heart,
A tin man turned real
And as long as I feel, I’ll love…..

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