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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Revisiting the News

I was thinking about it this morning, while watching television.  There’s a commercial on for tourism on the Gulf Coast, and how it’s went up over the past year, and how everyone should visit.  My boyfriend, who was shaving at the time, stopped shaving, looked at the TV thoughtfully and said “I wonder how much of the tourism was driven by people going to see if the oil was still on the beaches.”

Bam.  It hit me.

I haven’t heard anyone…ANYONE…really mention or think about the oil spill in about, oh, six to eight months.  Just like you don’t hear people talking about Haiti anymore. Or how no one is still talking about the people who were screwed, and are still being screwed, by the insurance companies YEARS after Hurricane Katrina.  Does anyone remember Sean Bell? Aiyana Jones?  What about Oscar Grant?  Hell, let’s keep it real.  In another month or so, the whole Sandusky Scandal at Penn State will be an archived article in the back pages of the New York Times website.

It’s like, after the initial shock of the situation, we as Americans move on to the next subject so quickly.  We never revisit ideas.  We never revisit the news.  We see it, chew it, spit it out, and leave it to be collected by the street sweepers.


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