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Monthly Archives: October 2011

72 Days Later

Ah, yes. The Humphries-Kardashin Wedding.

 It was dubbed “A wedding of American Royalty” (throws up slightly) and was watched by millions.  The price tag? Insane. The media hype? A frenzy.  People were crying, tweeting, and excited that Kim Kardashin was getting married.  You should have seen the tears of happiness, and it was all good three days in.

 Oh, but 72 days later.

Watching them is like….watching a bad Lifetime “B” level movie.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  Where the lead actress is past her prime, and the lead actor is trying his best to hold on to whatever sex appeal he may have had.  It has the evil sisters, the unnamed sources, and the million dollar pre-nuptials to go right along with it.

 As we curl up with popcorn and our girlfriends to watch the next season of “Keeping Up with The Kardashins” or “<insert name> and <insert name> Take <insert some random city>”, we have to keep in mind that we are watching a movie.  It’s all one big, reality show style type movie.  The love isn’t real (for the most part), the clothing is often rented, the cars are often upside down, and the houses are rarely owned.  The jewelry is probably fake, the tans are often spray-on, and the people aren’t the sanest of the bunch.

 In short, it’s all about being famous.  Stop being so emotionally invested in these characters


Music Moves

“I remember Marvin Gaye used to sing ta me…had me feeling like black was the thing to be” – Tupac Shakur

What artist makes you feel this way?

Seriously.  Take the time out and think about.  I don’t care what artist is moving your body.  What artist is moving your mind?

See, we already live a society dominated by “I will do and believe and follow what (insert famous person) says.”  This is why millions gave toHaiti, and few gave to the Native Americans when their reservations flooded a spring or so ago.  Hollywood/The industry knows they can move the mind.  Hell, look at everyone’s bio on twitter, even mine.  There is a song lyric or a phrase from a movie in 90% of the bios.  Our artists move us; inspire us; but the question is, what are they inspiring us to do?

Does your favorite artist have you “feeling like black is the thing to be”? or do they make you feel like you’re in “one big room, full of bad bitches”?  What is music, especially music that has the label as “Urban”, speaking to our minds?  I don’t think they are inspiring us to be proud of being black. Hell, I don’t even think half the artist are proud they are black (*side eye* at the famous black folks bleaching their skin. Ratchet selves. Hmph.)

So, back to my question: What artists have you feeling like YOU are the thing to be?

Black Woman 2 Black Woman

Why are we as black women so snarky and mean toward each other?

Now, I’m not talking about the “mean girl” syndrome.  We already know that females like that have serious self-esteem issues that only prayer, psych medication, and therapy can fix.  I’m talking about that woman, who seems to have it all together, that’ll dog and bring another female DOWN for no apparent reason.

You ever been out and been around a group of females to hear them talk?  No lie, sometimes, the conversation goes like this:

Sally: Girl, this club is jumping.

Sue: Girl, who you telling. *looks* Wait. Is that Kimmy?

*Kimmy walks by, perfectly dressed from head to toe*

Kimmy: Hey ladies!

Sue and Sally: Hey Kimmy.

*Kimmy leaves*

Sue: That bitch think she cute.

Sally: I know.  That’s why her shoe was scuffed on one side.

Now, the conversation may not sound that trifling, but then again, it might.  Now, what did Kimmy do wrong? Nothing.  What did Kimmy say wrong? Nothing.  Matter of fact, a few days later, Sue and Sally will be at a friend’s house, see a picture of Kimmy and said friend from the club, and they will go right back into how “terrible” she looked, even though the photographic evidence says otherwise.

Is competition out there so stiff that we have to belittle each other?  Do we want a man or a job or friends so badly that we will talk about the woman who has the same beautiful hips, lips and nose as we do?And what’s crazy is, it seems like it’s been conditioned in us to act such a way.

It’s been programmed in us to hate each other, even when the other is shutting the game down.

Excuse Me If I’m Too Deep

I was told yesterday that I’m “too deep.”

Hm. Maybe so.  I mean, pardon me for seeing the trends in actions and fashion.  I see it, and I say it.  #SmartPrettyGirlShrug Since I was a child, I’ve been taught that intellectual conversation rules the nation, and if that’s the case, then on my worse day, I have at least a few states by the ear.  Don’t be mad that I have the gift of gab.

I was told yesterday that I’m “too deep.”

Hell, rather “too deep” than “too shallow”.  Ask anyone who has had a conversation with me, and they will tell you the same thing: “She always gives me something to think about.”  Sorry that I think there is more to life than fashion, fucking and my material possessions.  My soul is up for grabs.  My mind is ripe for the picking.  I have to keep my game tight, or else I’ll get lost.  Besides, I like the fact that I have a broad knowledge of a little bit of everything.  I’m never bored with me.

I was told yesterday that I’m “too deep.”

I think I have the right to be. This $48,000 I owe Sallie Mae says that I have the right.  Those TWO degrees in my house say I have the right.  The numerous papers that have been up for scholastic review say I have the right.  And if we just want to take it there, the constitution says I have the right.

I was told yesterday that I’m “too deep.

Nah, G.  You are just too stupid.


So, I’m sitting here, thinking about these #OccupyWallStreet movements, and I have a conclusion.

We are protesting the wrong people.

See, Wall Street owns Washington. Period… Democrat. Republican. Independent. Lobbyist. Even the president himself.  All have taken some form of a donation from some big corporation on Wall Street at some point.  So, if politicians make laws in favor of Wall Street after getting benefits from Wall Street power houses, why do you think protesting Wall Street matters?


No matter how many signs you have, how many people gather, no one on Wall Street will get in trouble.  Why you ask? Because while the things Wall Street moguls has done is MORALLY WRONG, it is not CRIMINAL.  Check your legislation, people.  Bush I raised taxes, Clinton de-regulated, Bush II cleaned out the piggy bank, and Obama now has to make silk from a pig’s ear to appease everyone.  Now, the key word here kiddies is DE-REGULATED.  That means, Clinton got rid of all the laws that kept Wall Street —>here<—.  Once Clinton and his Congress gave Wall Street their opening, of course everyone was happy.  Until the bubbles popped.

Instead of telling the money givers (AKA Wall Street) to “Give us our share”….how about we tell the people we ELECTED to take Wall Street out their pockets, and to go back to doing their job, such as passing this Jobs bill?

#OccupyYourCongressmansOffice because they are the one’s effin’ up.

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