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Raunchy Sells


So, have you seen the new Keri Hilson or the new Raheem Devaughn videos? No? Let me show you.

Keri Hilson

Raheem DeVaughn

Now, music has always been sexy (Reasons by Earth, Wind and Fire….Between the Sheets by the Isley Brothers…I could go on) but it’s never been this blatant.  Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE me some Keri Hilson (even if the majority of the public hates her) and I LOVE me some Raheem DeVaughn (that first CD was banging!), so I’m not picking on them.   If I started listing artist that use sex to sell, we’d be here for days (Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, Pink, Lady GaGa, etc, etc) They are just examples of a larger push for SEX in music.  Not intimacy. SEX. Pure,  unbridled sex.

No. Not sex. Sex is still an intimate, yet taboo act between two (or more) people (depending on how you get down).  Why does RAUNCHY sell?

Why does it sell? Are we THAT horny as a country? Are we that interested in hearing people talking about what they can do, and how they can do it? I don’t get it.  I mean, I understand the porn industry, but when you think the only way to sell your music is too go above and beyond, well, to me, you’ve failed.


Part Of Love

I’m trying to hate you,

But it’s just not

Going to work.

I’m going berserk

Trying to rationalize

But now I realize that

You’re engrained.

A part of my membrane

And I’m going insane

From you running around

In my thoughts.

I want my mind back

But to lack you

Is to lack life.

I want to be without the strife

But that means there’s no

More you.

Few have wrapped themselves

Into my heart and soul

But I guess that’s the whole

Part of being in love, huh??

Dream World

It’s sad when we ignore

The things behind doors

One, two and three.

The things that we see

That can be

Our demise.

The lies are the truth

While real truth

Is uncouth,

Wrapped in the veil of

“Oh, she’s just hating.”

I’m salivating for the real

Starved for honest words

But it seems like it’s absurd

Because we’re all lying to ourselves.

Truth is on the shelves

Like generic tissue, then we

Wonder why our issues

Are the way they are.

Scarred mentality

Of a false reality,

Living in a dream world…..

Kitti Conclusions

Uh oh….you know what it is….another round of “Kitti Konclusions”….sit back, relax, and enjoy…

1)      Jordan’s response commercial is the BOMB!!!!! 

2)      Cleveland’s response commercial was a bit bitter, but was real as hell

3)      Have you noticed that all the old R & B singers from back in the day have radio shows?  Or sing gospel now?

4)      A female is a bigger heartbreaker than a male. Don’t believe me? Strike up a conversation with a male or a lesbian.

5)      Money makes any one attractive.

6)      Kanye West is the most hated, yet most loved man in music.

7)      Semi-Pro is actually a pretty funny movie.  That’s saying a lot, considering I don’t like Will Ferrell.

8)      The show Teen Mom/16 and pregnant may not glorify teenage pregnancy, but they sure do pick the most dysfunctional people to follow.

9)      Katy Perry is the shit.  There.  I said it.  From “I Kissed A Girl” to “Fireworks”, the girl can deliver a good song.

10)  Larry the Cable guy is NOT funny.  But his roast was hilarious.

11)  Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne is a classic.  Forget what you heard.  And don’t judge me.

12)  Money makes anyone attractive.

13)  Media Take Out is the most addictive, most messy, and probably the most read gossip blog in the United States, especially in the South.

13 for the line before me.  Shoutout to the “13 Doves that Cried BLU!” Spring 2004.

Sarah Palin

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with Sarah Palin.  Now I’m not talking that cutesy, “oh she may be crazy” wrong.  No. I think something is WRONG with that woman.  Like, I don’t think she’s wrapped too tight in the head.

Check it out.  In her new book, she blasts Michelle Obama.  Now, a few weeks ago, she said Michelle was racist, but this time, she says that Michelle is promoting “big government” to our children.

“Why is this” you may ask?  Is she promoting democratic ideals?  Socialist policies?  Marxism?  Communism?

No.  She is promoting healthy eating and exercise.  As we all know, or as we should know, Michelle Obama’s platform is “Let’s Move”, a program that encourages the children of America to get up, get out, play and eat healthy.  Not a bad cause, considering that childhood obesity is three times what it was in the early 70s.  You’d think that whether one is a democrat or a republican, a cause such as that would be note worthy and good, considering that children are our future (in my Whitney Houston voice).  But oh no.  Not Mrs. Palin.  Advocating such a cause is “big government” and an example of how our government is taking over every part of our lives.  Really lady?  REALLY?  You’d think that a woman who has five children and a grand child would be happy that someone is pushing healthy living in our children.

THEN (yes, there is a second part to this) this woman says that “we should support our North Korean Allies”.  Wait.  What is wrong with that sentence?  The conversation below is VERBATUM between me, my aunt, and my 16 year old cousin, ‘Nae Rose.

Me:  You know that Sarah Palin said we should support our North Korean allies.

Aunt:  You’re kidding?

Me: Right! What is wrong with that sentence?

Nae Rose: Um, I thought SOUTH KOREA was our allies.

Me and Aunt : DING DING DING!!!!

So, either this chick missed a whole part of American history, or she is truly dumb as a post.  How can you confuse who are allies are?  How can you say that you want to lead people in America, and you don’t even know who we are supposed to be talking too!?!?  What are you on woman??  Did you just skip that whole part of history?!?  Are you playing a game??  Is this a joke??

I’m concerned guys.  Not only is this woman dumb, there are people who support her WHOLEHEARTEDLY.  #JesusBeASteelFence

Why Nicki Won Round One

Without further adieu, these are my reasons why I think Nicki won Round 1.

1)      Punchline Quality – While Kim had some pretty interesting lines in “Black Friday”, the lines are NOT the same quality we are used to.  The lyrics were sub par compared to the things we’ve heard.  Nicki’s elementary rhymes beat Kim’s lackluster rhymes down the block and back again.  I must say, whoever Nicki’s ghostwriter is came with it, while Kim’s sat this one out.

2)     Timing – Roman’s Revenge, named for Nicki’s alter ego Roman Zolanski, hit about three weeks ago, give or take.  Why did Kim wait so long?

3)      Production Quality – Really, Kim? Why does it sound like you did this track in a closet?  Or someone’s bathroom.

4)      Track Usage – Why on EARTH did you use such an old track? Why? Why? WHY? I would have murdered her on one of HER TRACKS! The only track to use that is “older” that would have been acceptable would have been Ether.

5)     Promotion – Yes, at its peak, #LilKimBlackFriday was the number one trending topic in the United States, but baby girl, you are signed with THE ROC. The DIAMOND.  Use that diamond action to push this single.  Why were people begging radio stations to play the track? Radio stations should have already had it.  Trust me.  They had Roman’s Revenge WAY before it hit Youtube or Twitter.

6)     Lack of backing – Brian “Baby” Williams has been interviewed, and has given several quotes on why Lil’ Kim “asked for the beef”.  Where is your CEO Kim?  Where the eff is Jay Z?  Why is NOONE from the Roc speaking?

7)     Reasoning – While I TOTALLY understand Kim’s problem with Nicki, she has to understand the crowd that she’s dealing with now.  Real shit, people nowadays don’t even want to pay homage to their parents, so they don’t understand why you want Nicki to pay homage to you. They see Nicki as a trendsetter, and have no desire to look into the past to see WHY Nicki can even get away with saying or doing the things she’s saying.

8)      Timing (part two) – Many people think that “rap beef” is so 1990s.  Simple as that.  That’s due to lack of understanding of the nature of Hip Hop.

9)      Absence – Keeping it EXTREMELY funky, Kim has been gone a while.  The Naked Truth was released in 2005 and was considered a flop by many, even thought it earned Kim FIVE MICS.  After a year long stint in jail, we were expecting Kim to come out with something as soon as she hit the street.  But alas.  She was, admittedly, forgotten about.

10)  Fan Base – Kim’s fan base is a bit older now.  Keep in mind, Hard Core came out when I was 11 years old.  Now I’m 25.  I want to hear something better.  More mature.  No matter how we feel about Nicki, she does keep her fan base guessing.

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE Kim.  I’ll bump all of Kim’s music before I bump Nicki’s.  But babygirl, you know how the industry is.  Your true fans are rooting for you, but that doesn’t mean you can put out crap and we back you.  Go hard or go home babygirl.  It’s that simple.

Just because you lost a battle don’t mean you lost the war 🙂

New Music — Stylistic Ent — Closer to my dream

Now, ya’ll know I support good musick…and this brother makes good tracks….



Support this man!!! (and he did this Goapele track pretty nicely…) Follow him on Twitter….@StylisticEnt

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