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It’s His Turn!!!

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The media is acting as if the Republicans don’t know who they want to run for President.  I say “Psss shaw”.

It’s always some ones “turn” to run for president.  That’s how it works for both political parties.  At least, that how it always plays out.  Everything that we see is posturing.  It’s just one big rouse to have something to talk about.  The SUPER delegates (you know, the ones whose vote actually counts) already know who they want to be the Republican presidential nominee, and guess who it is?

Mitt Romney.

You know the rich Mormon businessman who used to be on International Olympic Committee (Funny.  No one ever talks about
that).  Yea, it’s his turn.  You know what it’s his turn to run?  Because he’s the best they have at this particular time.  And guess who his running mate is going to be? Wait for it….wait for it….Tim Pawlenty.

“But Kitti, Pawlenty called Health Care Obomeny Care!  Romney won’t pick him!”

Um, did we forget that Biden insulted many when he called the President “a clean and articulate black man”?  And guess who the Vice President is now?  I thought so.

Now, I maybe wrong. The Republicans may go right field and go with Rick Perry,…but it’s hard to back a guy that wanted to secede from the Union because the delegates elected a black man.  Or they could go with Michelle Bachman, even though she is a bit more insane than Sarah Palin.  I don’t know.

But all the signs point to Romney.


Casey Anthony

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Ok, I tried to not to. I really did.  But I have to talk about this Casey Anthony trial.  It’s irking me, mainly because I can’t catch the normal news for coverage about THIS chick.  But, I have three observations…No. Two.

1)     What the HELL is going on in the government that this distraction is going on so HARD.  We have always heard about the case.  If you watch HLN, you’ve heard everybody and their experts talk about every little update, every little piece of DNA.  But now…NOW…it’s pre-empting talks shows, the normal news, it’s on the front page everywhere….It has OJ Simpson trial type coverage in a 24 hour news world, complete with social networking commentary, such as this blog.  So, because it’s EVERYWHERE…what’s going on?  I heard that the House refused money to NATO for Libya (why are we even THERE?!?), and something about Boehner and the budget (Where are the jobs, Mr. Speaker!?!?!)  But what else is there.  I tell you what.  I’m checking Al Jeerza, the BBC Network and the Final Call as soon as I get a chance.

2)     The only reason this circus with the lawyers is going on is for her appeal.  Let’s face it.  If she is found “not guilty”, we are all going to be pretty shocked.  In the court of public perception, she is guilty.  So, if she is found guilty, her appeal is going to be….wait for it…wait for it…BAD REPRESENTATION.  Not only that, she is going to say the judge had it in for her.  So, her angle is going to be that the “justice system” has it in for her.  Follow me?

And I’m done…at least until the Lifetime Movie starring Valerie Bertanelli and Megan Fox comes out.

Our HIStory

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Why do you think we don’t care about our history?

Ok. Let me give you some back story.  I work for a museum (The University Museum and Cultural Center. Heard of it? Now you have), and the main part of my job that I do is research. I find scholastic articles, pictures, letters….anything that can be a primary source when it comes to information.  Now, as I’m doing this research, I have to search a lot of databases, places, and websites, just so I can find the right information.

Do you know who OWNS most of our (as in, the Black Nation’s) history?  White schools and white people.

Fayetteville has an entire collection on Civil Rights under the name “Orval Faubus” (Don’t know who he is? Look it up. IT’S PART OF THE HISTORY).  Other schools have pictures, letters, interviews….things that we should have, not only in our museum, but in our personal, private collections as well.

Think about it.  How many of us can say that we have ANYTHING from our grandparents or great parents that has HISTORICAL value?  A war ration from World War II.  A yearbook from the early 1900s.  Check stubs from when our families only made 2 and 3 dollars a week.  Old pictures of houses or old programs from church ceremonies.  Sure, every so often, someone will have a Life Magazine, or an old Ebony, or an old newspaper, but how many of us HAVE IT.

I think we let it go for one reason and one reason alone.  Idiocy. Good old-fashioned, I want to forget where I came from type of idiocy that makes you want to bang a kid in the head with a hammer.  I once had someone tell me that learning our history is “Afro-centric” and it’s “not really that important”.  But, in the grand scheme of thinking, that’s the thought process.  As long as we forget where we came from, we don’t have to pick cotton anymore.  We don’t have to go back to segregation.  We never have to go back to being “slaves” or “niggers”.

The sad thing is, if we don’t know our history, we are slaves to the past anyway….

Have A Seat (Greek Edition)

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So, when I wanted to become a Zeta, I researched EVERYTHING. From the founders, to the notable members, to current programs. EVERYTHING.  I even researched the things that’s been said about my sorority.  Ah, stereotypes.  Don’t you love ’em.  Everything from Zetas are “fat”, “country”, “down to earth”, “nice”, “chubby”, etc, came up (Although this #ZetaBear shit is new….) But I say all that to say this:

If YOU think your organization is number one, what anyone says about you is a non factor.

Look, it’s all been said before.  The Alphas are business minded Homosexuals.  Kappas are AKA wanna be homosexuals.  Omegas don’t graduate and will fuck anything.  Sigmas are country and will fuck anything.  Iotas are just rejects who don’t matter.  Deltas are AKA rejects who truly stomp like an elephant, cause elephants aren’t elegant.  AKAs are stuck up bitches who get hazed for no reason.  Zetas (well, we named all those stereotypes) SGRhos are irrelevant to any and every situation.  There are many, many more, but that’s the point. It’s all been said before.

So, why are ya’ll mad at twitter accounts and GDIs?  Chances are, the twitter account is run by a Greek with nothing else to do but fuck off on twitter, and what do GDIs know? Seriously? They know nothing but second-hand “what my momma-daddy-cousin-big brother-big sister-best friend” SELECTIVELY told them.  So why are you mad about what ANY of them have to say? Why?

Have a seat ALL THE WAY DOWN, ma’ams and sirs.  Get yo’ senstive, hateful, I can’t take a joke away from Twitter, because we got laughing to do over here….

The Troops & The Economy

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Okay, so….let me get this straight. We have 100,000 troops in Afghanistan, right? *does a news check* Right.  President Obama says that he’s bringing 10,000 home by the end of this year, with another 20,000 by the summer, right? *does news check* Right.  Oh, just in case you didn’t see the speech, here’s the approved text as from the White House 

So, um, is it just me, or is NOBODY talking the…oh, 70,000 OTHER troops that are still going to be there? I mean, I saw ONE commentator talking about it, and they said we could still be there in 2015.  What do you MEAN??? How are we “pulling out” of a country, but we still have a presence there equivalent of a town???  I’m confused. 

That’s not bringing the troops home, Mr. President.  Sure, a LOT of families are going to be happy, and there is nothing wrong with that.  At all.  But we can end this whole “troop” surge in one swoop…AND…AND…start walking the road to fixing our economy.  (Do you know the cost of the wars we are in? No? Click here  —>>>  See, to keep these wars going, it cost cash.  To keep our economy going, it cost…well, CASH.  We are a capi-socialist society (*new word*), and we have to have income flowing in and out to stay on the up and up.

Now, I’m no business or econ major, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you spend money you don’t have on something you shouldn’t, you’re going to fall flat on your face every time.  Bring the troops home, and the economy will improve.  Trust me.

The Revolution…More Than Just Televised

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Picture this.  Pine Bluff. On Campus. Its 2011 *in my Sophia voice* There I was, sitting and waiting for a blog topic for the day, and there it was, right in my face.  A soror RTed this:

RT @Flo__Reda !!! RT @MrPrice_06: I hope yall realize that the revolution will not air on BET, facebook, or twitter.

 The gentleman, who I didn’t know, seems to have point.  And although it’s a poignant point, it’s one that I disagree with.

See, I actually think the revolution is being televised.  Every day.  In today’s society, we are connected, yet disconnected, all at once, which makes the flow of information incredible.  YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook….all give the ability to share links and download from others.  The internet itself holds plethora of information that is ready to be dispersed.  Think about it.  Lupe Fiasco called Obama “the biggest terrorist in the United States” and it made the news.  Brian Metzer’s “Decoded” is probably one of the hottest TV shows on the History Channel (right after Swamp People…LOL).  Alex Jones and Michael Moore (I’m fond of neither) even play their role in dispersing information (even if they are dispersing purposely wrong or misleading information).  YouTube has MILLIONS…literally millions…of videos about WHATEVER information you think you want to know.  Message boards and news threads are filled with people, whether they are tea party or not, who are interested in taking back their country.  Facebook and Twitter are full of people on the search for knowledge, and there are even a few “pseudo-intellectuals” (as my homeboy Lawrence calls them) who sit on various websites and make connections with others like them.  And let’s not forget that MOST libraries and museums have their catalogs and collections online. Wanna see a letter from a white man to his governor about how “the niggers shouldn’t be allowed to integrate”? All you gotta do is get on the ‘net.  Wanna know what Assata Shakur wrote about in 1971? Google it.  ANYTHING we want is online, and not only is it only, online is now the preferred method of communication.  Think about it.  When was the last time you sat at someone’s house, even if they are your best friend? Now, when was the last time you Skype’d someone? Or instant messaged? Or Facebook’ed? Tweeted?  See what I mean?  We do more WITH technology than without.

The revolution will be more than televised.  It’ll be downloaded, Ustreamed, Tweeted, Skype’d, aired on Hulu, and then released on Netflix. Get right…or get left.

Lupe Fiasco’s Fiasco

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Now, it’s not an issue to me, because what the man is kicking is pretty righteous, but it seems that Lupe’s nature may cause a slight fiasco (all puns intended. LOL)

Do you know what I’m speaking of? No? Well, hold on.

Got the gist of it? Good.  So this is my question: What’s with all the calls to “boycott”?  So, this is what it is? We BEG the music industry for an artist who is socially conscious and honest, and we get him…but as SOON as he speaks “out of turn”, people turn on him.  It was cool when he was speaking out on Bush, and when his criticism of Obama was quiet and met with little news fanfare, but as SOON as the brother gets on CBS, all of a sudden he is so wrong and Barack is so right. Seriously. SERIOUSLY?!?!  We let the Tea Partiers make a flat mockery of the Civil Rights Movement, but Lupe can’t say what he feels? GTFOH.

Don’t get me wrong: I vote. Often. I believe in it, even if I believe the political system is a failure.  However, I REFUSE to let the work of my ancestors be in vain.  But I’m not going to knock this man, nor “boycott” him for having an opinion.  Not when we let Lil’ Wayne call our sisters “bitches”.  Not when we let Tyler the Creator yell out “Fuck God” and “Jesus ain’t Shit.”  If they can say what they want, then Lupe can say what’s on his mind.

This is my only question for Bro. Fiasco:: Since you don’t vote, what do you do to uplift, inspire and aid not only the black community, but the generation behind us? And don’t say “making music” because that’s not teaching survival skills or how to read.

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