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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Open Season

You better turn on the news

And get the views

Of these big wigs–

Pigs shooting blacks in the back

On train tracks….(we love you Oscar)

Children shot by police as they lay sleep

(Aiyana, we have not forgot)

We are polarized by media,

Made famous by Wikipedia and

Imprisoned for falsehoods

(Free the Scott Sisters)

Police shoot unarmed brothers

As they get ready to make someone a mother

(Sean Bell is my battle cry)


Because it’s open season.

We’ve been convicted of treason

Without the trial.

We smile and say

We got our forty acres and our mule,


We are killed in every sense

Of the word.

It’s absurd to think

That all is just good

Because nothing is as it should

And my people in

The line of fire…



Open Letter to Lebron

Dear Lebron….or King…or LBJ…or whatever you are calling yourself nowadays–

While I’m still of the mindset that you will, at some point, be greater or as great as Jordan, you actions since leaving Cleveland are showing a side of you that I wasn’t expecting.

I really wasn’t expecting the ego. I truly wasn’t.  I mean, in actuality, your story isn’t uncommon. How many other cats have been drafted straight outta high school? Kevin? Kobe? Dwight? Amar’e? And as long as I’m keeping it funky, if it wasn’t for your homeboys, you wouldn’t even BE in the position you are in. They were the ones who put you in the position to be highlighted on ESPN.  So this whole ego thing is a turn off, just like not being the clutch player is.

Now, you blame racism. Really? Cleveland made you their GOD. They worshipped the ground you walked on.  No, people aren’t mad at you for trading. That’s expected. You are on the ring chase. Happy for you. But it’s the WAY you handled the situation. It was a madhouse. And for what? So people could keep your name in their mouth? You sacrificed your integrity for a 17 minutes of fame, and now you want to blame racism? Child please.  And I’m not even gonna get STARTED on this new Nike commercial? That was a 1:32 of my life I want back. I was expecting something epic.  All I got was the egotistical brat that you are now known for being.

*sigh* You are killing your own legacy, whether you realize it or not.


I Speak 4 the 85

You left us.

Now, We understand

The movement was a must

And we get your situation,


We are still part of YOUR “beloved” nation–

The ones you are trying to save.


You call us slaves,

Jiggaboos and whores,

And the outside calls us that too…

So what do we do?

We only act the way we know.

So you blow

Us off; Scoff

At our ideals and they wonder why

We don’t “feel” you when

You FINALLY speak to us–

Don’t get it twisted;

We seek the light as well…

We felt terrible about Sean Bell….

And even worse about Oscar and Aiyana,

But TRULY, what can we do or say?

We see no way; No ideas; No one in position

To TEACH US to fulfill the mission.

All we have is you.


Calling us names, pointing fingers

In our faces….

See, I speak for the 85…

Who, like you, fight to stay alive

Who fight to released from the hive

The ones who search but can’t

Hear the beat

Of the tribal drums.

I speak for those

The revolution left behind….

How We Used To Be….

*inspired by Sweet Memory (Beautifully Young) by Vivian Green*

I’ll be the first to admit

That I never quit

Thinking of you…or of us

And while it was a must

That we both move on

I still get teary when “our song”

Plays on the


How did I know that

I’d still pine away

For you…for us-

Still immersed in lust,


And Caring —

I miss us sharing

Secrets; I miss

Us sharing tears

And fears–

I miss the laughter,

And real talk,

I miss the pain…

Whispering your name

Was the highlight of my nights

And kept my days

Simply in tact —

The fact is…

Despite the point that

We’ve moved on,

And that our song is no

Longer ours,

I miss how we used to be….

Kitti Konclusions (Part 2)

Just randomness that I observed this past weekend…..

1.) Balance is required throughout life

2.) If you pay attention, everyday you’ll have something to be thankful for

3.) The God you serve is the God YOU serve.

4.) People actually care more than we think. Don’t you think God/Allah would have ended the world if there wasn’t good people left?

5.) We’ve all lied about something. It’s LIVING with the lie that causes us pain

6.) NeNe Leakes spoke at Philander Smith last week.  I’m tickled, yet disappointed all at once

7.) It’s amazing how quickly we forget about things that change our lives or livelihood (ex: The Oil Spill, Katrina, Rita)

8.) It’s open season on brown people, as always. Hide ya wife, kids, brothers, sisters, cousins, and any other brown person you care about. Once you have them hid, teach them how to survive.

9.) A lot of relationship fail because even the best made intentions fail horribly.

10.) Am I the only person who is humbled on a daily basis?

11.) Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers, Rent Too Damn High Party members, and the likes are all after one thing: CASH. Cold hard cash. The end.

12.) I could give less than two shits about Beyonce’s uterus. Real talk.

13.) We ALLOW our HBCU’s to remain in the state they are in. Yea, I said it.

14.) In the words of Yo Gotti “Women lie, Men lie”

15.) Have I ever said that I HATE angry homosexuals/lesbians? Yea. I really do.

16.) T.I. can kick rocks. And this is coming from a loyal fan.

17.) “Bitter” is the new color for the fall collections. Betta getcha some. :/

17 in honor of my favorite 17. #GangstaBetaTheta

Really, America. REALLY?

So, every time America gives me SOME hope, the bucket is kicked over.

Recently, GAP (one of the highest and most over-hyped clothing stores out there, IMO) changed their logo from the classic blue and white label to a very interesting looking, rather lazily put together logo. Now, personally, a logo is a logo, and a company should always stick with what works (unless you’ve done research to SHOW that a new brand logo is needed), but that’s not the reason for this blog rant.

My rant is about America’s priorities. News reports said that people were in an “uproar”. Such an uproar that it FORCED GAP to change the logo back to what it was.  Really, America? REALLY?!?!? Of all the things to be in an uproar about, THIS is what you choose? THIS is the thing that has you taking to your twitter and facebook and tumblr and wordpress accounts?!?!? A freakin’ LOGO change? Dammit, what about the way our country is being ran! No matter how you feel about the Tea Party, at least they are speaking about something that is important! What about hungry children? Or education? SOMETHING!??!?! You stopped and submitted “outrage” about a freaking logo! REALLY!?

This is reason #310 of WHY America is the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

Ode To The Girthy Brothas

Means I’m a brotha of the chunkifiedSEXY sort. Girthy. — @InEyeAleE (via Twitter)

I love that thickness, and I’m not talking

The sex member…

I’m talking heat in December

And shade in June–

That boom that rocks the bed

Whenever he sits down–

While some try and clown

I just smile and nod

Because that round bod

Is perfect for me and my needs–

He feeds all senses,

Not just my tummy

And his lips are so yummy

Due to nature and what he eats–

The sweetest thing

In all the land.

But will stand like a bear

To defend his girl, his world.

My girthy brothas….

Sexy in those jeans

Or that pin stripe suit,

Sexy in Nike’s or Polo boots,

I got a thing for the big boys

With big toys

And bigger ways….

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