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I am not “GLEE-ful”

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Fox came out with the show “Glee” in 2009, and since its release, it has whipped EVERYONE into a frenzy. Gay, straight, man, woman, boy or girl, “Glee” has everyone singing, crying, and feeling good for the underdogs.  From the popular songs, to the guest appearances by celebrities, “Glee” apparently has it all.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have it all for me.

Look, I’ve tried. I watched it with friends. I watched it by myself. I watch the marathons. I don’t like it. It just does nothing for me.  I don’t like the singing. I don’t like the story line. I don’t like the characters. It comes on at an odd times.  The show is just a no go for me. 

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE musicals. I love stories about underdogs even more. But dammit, this is just too much for me.



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There will probably be several of these….I mean…it IS 3:43 in the morning! LOL.

Do you think Obama is doing a good job? Be honest.  Take whatever love or hate is your heart and start to critical think. What “on the brinks” and “disasters” have been avoided? And which ones have been caused. Why are we paused on education, jobs, and programs for the poor.  The more I watch us live, the sicker I often get. Rich just richer. Poor just poorer. And we blame the wrong people.  It ain’t about Bush blaming — It’s about blaming our congresspeople.  They sold us out, and that’s what all this is about.  We were sold to the highest bidder. And I’m bitter. That’s modern day slavery — Where is our bravery? Our simplistic courage to stand and revolt– Must we bolt like scalded children or will we run like cowardly me?  Walk in othe lion’s den…Brush with destany…..

Internal Insight

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So, this is my plight

My mind is in flight

And I have no where to land–

No sand at my feet

No place to retreat–


Restless to the  flying–

Dying of thirst, Get the hearse ready

Because my steady decline

Will make me bottom out–

But I’m about movement

Growth, ever perpetual

Ever cyclic in the world

This girl

Has gained internal insight…

Often the best insight to have…..

South Park & Mohammad

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Anyone who knows me knows I’m a stand up person for freedom of speech.  I’ve ALWAYS been the type of person that believes you should be able to say what you want, with the realization that there are consequences.  But, do the consequences really mean death?

“Dutch Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was killed by Muslim extremist after making a movie questioning the way Islam treats their women”.  Was the film slanted? I don’t know. But this man was killed for asking questions.  A group posted on their web site “Be careful…or the same thing that happened to Van Gogh will happen to you.”  An extremist group in California has posted the office address of South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.  When contacted by the press, they said they weren’t threatening anyone…..*Hmmmm*

Stone and Parker say they want the show unedited, while Comedy Central says they did censor the image and name out the broadcast after it was delivered by the shows creator.

Now, this is why I say it’s a double-edged sword.  South Park has stepped on the toes of EVERYONE.  Christians, Catholics, Jews, Buddhist, Hindi, Scientology , atheist, AME, American, Non-American, black, white, etc, etc. Issac Hayes left the show after the Scientology episode, mainly because he was so offended with how they portrayed members.  Why should Muslims be any different.  It’s not hatred. They are not “just picking on you”.  South Park is actually social commentary, and a very good one if you can get past the blatant attempts made to raise your ire.  It kind of  makes me wonder if Muslims laughed when the show talked back about the Catholic church.  So if that was funny, why is it not funny when someone talks about you.

On the other side, Muslims don’t have any images of their leader.  They believe that anything said in jest toward him is blasphemous, and punishable by imprisonment or death.  These are the laws in their countries.  You can’t print or broadcast anything bad about Islam, Mohammad, or followers of Islam.   They threatened these men; Post their personal information; I TOTALLY understand why Comedy Central chose to censor the show.  When the threats came in, it was no longer about offending people or telling the truth; People threaten to kill the creators of South Park, just as they did Theo Van Gogh.  If Stone and Parker would have been hurt or worse, it would have hung over the head of Comedy Central, because when it boils down to it, they employ the creators of the show.

Hmm. What a sword, the double-edged is.

Nike, Tiger, and Ben

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Several issues I had with this ENTIRE blog article type deal.

I am NOT CONDONING Big Ben’s actions, but let’s be honest; he has not been charged.  The “people” said they found no evidence, and chose not to go any further with their actions.  While I think the suspension is bogus, (I think he shouldn’t touch the field til the playoffs) he has been “punished” by his employee for his conduct.  Six game suspension worth 2.8 million. While he won’t feel that because he was guaranteed 102 million, he’s still facing the situation and keeping it moving.

Secondly, Tiger didn’t RAPE or ASSAULT anyone.  All fifty eleven hundred of the broads were consensual.  Hell, all of them bragged about the entire situation to someone.  And honestly, for every one person who says “Oh, he’s horrible”, you’ll find five that say “He’s just an athlete.”  And when it comes the commercial, I see where they were coming from using the voice over.  He has often said his father was a big influence in his life, and I think if his father were here, he probably would ask that man “Now what did you learn from this situation from messing with these  women?”  I know my dad ask me what I learned whenever I mess up. Even now.

Now, once again, I’m not CONDONING what Tiger did. It was morally wrong, no matter what religion, creed or race you come from. The man is, however, human; And we humans do make mistakes. And as I said earlier, Nike is a money-making corporation that is global.  Okay, so America doesn’t like Tiger.  What about Europe? Asia? Africa?  South America? They probably don’t care. In all seriousness, America is the only place that says Tiger is wrong but won’t say shit about Mark Sanford (You remember the Governor who used STATE FUNDS to fly and see his chick? Yea, him.) Americans won’t say shit about that, but OMG! Tiger is SOOOO wrong!

In Twitter speak, #GTFOH.

Nike is a business. A worldwide business, who’s main OBJECTIVE to make money by selling shoes, clothes and other athletic apparel.  In 2009, Nike added 1.2 billion dollars of global revenue to the pot.  As of today, the stock closed at  $78.23 per share, up $1.51 cent since yesterday.  Between their men’s shoes, women’s shoes, kid’s shoes, tee shirts, endorsements, Nike is not going anywhere; nor are they going to drop their athletes because they realize something that it seems others hasn’t:  Nike is in the business of making shoes, not moral standings.

You and Your habits

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You know, this needs no intro. I’mma just let it fly.

See, as you sit and judge

Let me nudge your mind–

I find that the folks

Who talk the most shit

Do more than their bit of bad–


You’ll say “weed smokers are going to hell”

But two seconds ago, you said you’d tell

A married man that you wanted to fuck.

You drink in excess, I know you curse–

And I know for a fact you stole that purse

From the outlet mall–

So, don’t say my downfall

Is the fact I smoke weed.

Indeed, weed is illegal, but

I won’t lie, I’m for legalization

Because this nation will bounce back

And prosper from this

Billion dollar industry

So to me,

And millions of others, this

Really can’t be wrong.

And I won’t begin my song

On the medical aspects–

Respect to the boy Montel

For sticking by the fight!

So tonight, as you talk shit and

Swallow spit,

Think about you and your habits…

And question if YOU yourself

Is on the fast track to “hell”–

I am VERY much my hair

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Natural. Kinky. Short. Colorful. Fuzzy. Real. Flexible.

These are a few words that have been used to define my hair.   And while  I prefer the term “nappy,” despite the negative connotations, I find these words are pretty accurate.  My hair is all natural.  It is Kinky. It is short. I keep a different color in it.  My homey says its “Fuzzy like a tennis ball”. Despite its length, I have to always tell people that my hair is real, all mine, and I can mold and shape it to do what I want (when the humidity is right, of course!)  The more I hear the terms, the more I like them. 

A few days ago, I was listening to India.Arie’s “I am not my hair,” and it hit me, as Chrisette says, like an epiphany.  I am VERY much my hair. I am every word that has been used to describe my hair.

Naturally gifted,

Lifted to a higher plane–

While I was trained to be one way

Nature had its say

And made me otherwise–

And no matter the tries

I’m naturally me–

Kinky in sexual and worldly thoughts

No bought hair on me—

I’m short and free

Often a colorful catastrophe–

I’ve been red, blonde, blue, jet black

And a really sexy bronze like brown–

Known around town

As the secret lyrical fiend

With a real mean

In your face flow, with a glow

Hotter than LeRoy — game smoother

Than Babyboy– No toy, no plastic

No Barbie blood  in my veins–

No pains

When I accommodate at any rate

I flex like them Dallas cats

Who hit us with that dancing track,

So what I lack in other talents

I flex to make it work–

How berserk?

I’m very much my hair….

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