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Oprah’s Effect

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Now, let’s start this off with I’m not a Oprah fan. I do respect her hustle, her company and her influence. With that being said, here we go.

If you don’t realize the power that Oprah has over the media, than you have not paid attention to anything that she has done over the past ten to fifteen years.  What other BLACK woman can say “I won’t eat red meat” and the stock of cattle DROPS? You know she got sued for that right? What other BLACK woman can support a black president and his approval rating skyrocket in less than a week? Only Oprah. Did ya’ll not watch the Oprah Effect? Oh you didn’t? Wait. Here’s a trailer.

So now, we understand what type of Power Oprah has. On twitter (follow me @My_T_AFROdite…shameless plug…lol), we discussed how Oprah had to “warm up to” hip hop and why she was such a rabid fan against it.  It, as in the conversation, was basically said that it was not Oprah’s job to find positive rap artist and introude them to society.


So wait? You mean to tell me the QUEEN of Agenda Setting…the QUEEN of FRAMING….didn’t know how to go out and find the CORRECT individuals to give hip hop a more positive face?  Are you serious? You are really trying to pass this off on me? And then to say “well, you should forget that because she paid for men to go to Morehouse”. Okay. That’s fine. But if the “images of Hip Hop and the black man” are so bad BECAUSE of hip hop, it’s not going to matter that he went to Morehouse. Why? Because he still a “nigga in a coupe”.

Still don’t understand Framing? Did you see Luda’s interview? Do you understand WHY Luda was SO MAD? Oh you don’t? Well, let’s review:

True, in the end, they resolved their differences, but how much damage was done by what she did? And Luda was not and is not a “Fuck you bitch hoe” type of rapper.#ThinkABoutIt And don’t come at me with “But she interviewed Jay Z!!!” Yea. AFTER he was a successful business man. AFTER he bought the Nets. AFTER his rap career had all but quieted (this is not a Jay Z knock…but it’s the truth. His hustle isn’t really music anymore)  They talked Hip Hop, but they mainly talked…well Jay Z.

So…talk me down if you can. Could Oprah have placed a better image of Hip Hop stars in the minds of the American people?


Read Between The Lines

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So, a few days ago, psychology Today posted an article that basically talked about why the black woman was the most unattractive of all the races.  I won’t lie…a sister was LIVID. I couldn’t figure out how this was apart of psychology, nor could I understand why a somewhat respected scholastic journal would even print such nonsense (the writer of the article has since been fired….or at least, that’s what’s floating around the Twitter Rumor mill) I was EXTRA mad because for a second, it seemed as if the psychological War that had been waged on Black Women had slowed to crawl. Not a complete halt, but a slow, slow creak. In my mind, this article jumped started the issue all over.

I went and talked to a friend the same day that the article was put up (and after an hour, taken down).  He’s a bit older than me, so he’s always someone good to talk to because of his outlook on life.  Now, he’s a teacher, so he has interaction with black women all day, every day, from every walk of life.  He looked me dead in my face and said “Kitti, he said ya’ll weren’t attractive due to testosterone. That’s code for ya’ll aren’t attractive due to ya’lls attitudes.”

That shit hurt my feelings more than the article, maybe because deep down, that’s what I see.

See, it ain’t physical.  You can’t tell a group of women that they aren’t attractive when half the world wants to look like the. ERRBODY wants the quintessential “Brick House” body. 36….24….36 *sings* So they add silicon to their butt and hips. Other races perm their hair to make it curly. Add botox to make their lips thick. They tan to be darker. Hell, everyone wants to look like us, sound like us, walk like us, have sway like us. So it ain’t that. 

We gotta read between the lines ladies. We have too.

Obama, Israel, & Palestine

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Alright, so we know that after our Commander and Chief gave Seal Team #6 the go ahead, he called Palestine and let them know what was goings on.  Palestine got in their feelings because the President called them on some very valid points, and us upright, Christian Americans went on to celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden. *blank stare*

Now, let’s fast forward to last night…well, yesterday.  Obama said in a speech that he wanted Israel to return the borders to the way they were before the Six Day War in 1967.  So basically, Obama told Israel to man up, be responsible, and give the Palestinian people their land back.   Pundits say this is a 180 degree flip from what he said when he was elected in 2008. And what’s crazy is, it’s not.

See, this is what people don’t seem to understand. First, know that the WORLD came together and gave Israel the current land they are on. Keep in mind, Israel didn’t become a nation until the 1940s (Read your history, people).  President Obama promised Israel aid and security when he was first elected. Okay, fine. But he ALSO promised the Muslim countries that he would do what he could to not only cut down on lies about the Muslim people, but he would help them bring stability to their countries.  What Israel doesn’t seem to understand is that they won’t have peace until they leave the land that was slowly but surely taken away from the people of Palestine.   I bet you’d be pretty hostile too if you were made to leave the place where you grew up, had your first kiss, first saw the sun rise, etc.

But what bothers me is that people say the President is wrong for his stance. How? We give Palestine over 3 Billion dollars in aid a year (true, it goes to corrupt politicians, but I’m quite sure the check says “Payable to Palestinian People”.  We also give Israel billions in aid, PLUS military training and weapons, PLUS trade embargos, PLUS any other….perk, for lack of a better word…that comes with being an Israeli Jew. 

All this mess in the Middle East is gonna come to a head before it’s over with…and for some reason, I see America taking a huge “L” when problems pop off.

Beauty Trumps All p1

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“The more attractive someone is, the more we let them get away with”

Now, personally, I’ve never been fond of that sort of thinking. In Junior High and High School, I watched the “pretty girls” (read: the cheerleaders, Dance Team, etc) get away with murder. From cutting class to smoking cigarettes to underage drinking, they got away with it all.  In college, I watched the “pretty girls” (read: AKAs, Deltas, cuter, smaller Zetas) get away with cheating on test, public hazing, stealing, whatever they could.  Now, as an adult, I see the same thing.

Think about it.

The news broke that Fantasia was sleeping with a married man, and tried to commit suicide over him.  Now, whether it was for publicity or not, what it boils down to is that she was boinking a guy who lied (and who no one was mad at by the way…but that’s a different blog) and she was a wreck.  Her career, while it started off strong, is now suffering. Why? Because of what she did.

Now, fast forward a few months later. Alicia Keys not only boinks a married man, but she convinces him to leave his wife of SEVERAL years for her.  Her career skyrockets. Album sales through the roof; Magazine covers and articles that literally GUSHES over this relationship that basically started the same way Fantasia’s did.  The same goes for old girl dating DeWayne Wade…Gabrielle….something…you know, the girl on Deliver Us From Eva (LOL) She apparently broke up a long-standing relationship, and everyone just kinda said…”ok”.

So here is something to think about….how often have you excused something someone did, whether they were a friend, lover, soror, frat…because of their looks?

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