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Monthly Archives: February 2011

I’m Boycotting B.H.M.

I thought I had addressed this, in depth, but apparently I haven’t. So here we go again.

I’m boycotting Black History Month. There. I said it.

Ya’ll, this is not what Carter G. Woodson had in mind…and the fact that some of you read that name and said “who?” PROVES that black history month has lost its true meaning and is in dire need to be revamped.

Instead of our kids learning about Elijah McCoy, E.E. Fluker, Denmark Vesey and such, we keep teaching and allowing the schools to only teach about the big four: Malcolm, Martin, Harriet, and Washington-Carver. I’m sorry. Five. Add Uncle Barack to the list. So, we only teach about those five. During February. When it’s appropriate.  And it sounds good. Then we wonder why our kids have no sense of history, or pride, when it comes to their race. Hell, they only think that ten people made it happen.

Man, and the media blitz! From food to fashion, suddenly all companies are SOOOOO pro black. Really? Suddenly, all these black actors are in commercials. Suddenly, we are the positive race.  Suddenly, blacks ain’t so bad after all. *shuffles feet like Bo Jangles* Yazzer, Mr. Charlie, I’s a good negro. I’s bought yo’ products coz you says good negro’s buy yo’ thangs in February”. #ChildPlease and we fall for this every year.  I’m willing to bet you dollars to donuts that McDonald’s and Coke’s revenue triples every year this time. Why? Because we, as a community, have the buying power of a country, and companies know this.  So they pump our heads up every year that “They Care” during the month of February, and we fall for the okey doke.  *shuffles feet again* “Yazzer, Mr. Charlie, it shole was nice of ya’ll to say nice things about our ancestors…Shole was nice”

No longer for me, good people. The homey said boycotts are only effective if people participate in mass…but I don’t want you to participate.  I’m no Al Sharpton or Jesse. I don’t want you to write your congressman, or act a fool at the PTA meetings. I want you to go, pick up a book, learn our history, and be better. That is all.

I just want us better. I want ME better. And this boycott is the beginning of my betterment.

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