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You ever…had

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Have you ever…


nothing to say

Everything in the way

A hell of a day

No moments of sway

Not a second to bend

Not a moment to lose

Not not a second to spare

Not a care….in the world…


Dear N.A.A.C.P.

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Dear N.A.A.C.P.;


Really? This is what your organization has come too?  Arguing with Hallmark about a 3 year old card? REALLY?

You know, for years, people used to ask me why I wasn’t a member of the organization, and for good reason. I’m colored; I’m for the advancement of colored peoples, not just black.  My father was a member; My friends are members; I seem like someone who would be very interested in the organization. But I’m not.  Not only am I not a member, I actually will go as far to say I don’t think your organization has a purpose anymore.

I grew up learning about the strength the N.A.A.C.P. I grew up reading old copies of Crisis magazine. Now, you are nothing but a shell of your former self.  An organization that would rather protest greeting cards and radio disc jockeys rather than the plight of inner city schools.  An organization that would rather protest movies than work toward reforming immigration laws so that racial profiling can cease.  Your organization wants to combat stereotypes, so you attack certain movies, but you don’t attack McDonald’s for their particular sort of advertising.

Trust me; I heard more blacks complaining about the “Singing Couple” in the McDonald’s McNuggets commercial rather than the movie “Precious”.

So, while this one lack of membership may not matter to you, I think you should know that in the eyes of this African American, you are nothing but a joke.



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So, a few weeks ago, Boondocks premiered their third (and final!) season. The first episode dealt with the most recent presidential election (of course, because we know Aaron keeps it funky!). We had Riley, who is supposed to always be the thought process of most blacks, spray painting “OBEEZY” on walls; Granddad was acting a fool; Huey was “meh”.

What I find so funny is all of the blacks who NOW claim they have “always been meh about Obama”.  All of a sudden, all these black people are like “I never trusted Obama from the get go!” and “Everyone feel for the kool-aid!”

HOLD UP! Just two years ago, you were on Obama’s nuts, on your facebook status like everyone else saying “My President is black! My Lambo’s blue!”  What happened? What changed your thought process?

“Oh, he hasn’t done anything for the black community” — GET FUCKING REAL. The problems that are in the black community are self-inflicted (Have we forgotten the “stop snitching” campaign that all are so in love with?). We don’t teach our kids; We don’t support black owned businesses; Black owned businesses don’t show professionalism; Black teachers are in it for “the check”; We don’t help each other; We condemn those who are following the Barbie Wave or the Name brand craze. What is he SUPPOSED to do? Give out reparations? Make every day “Slap Whitey Day”?

“He hasn’t done his job” — What can he do when HALF the people in Congress, including members of his own party, won’t help his get out his agenda? You want him to pull a George Bush? Say the constitution doesn’t matter? Make up the rules as he goes? What. The. Fuck.

Now, I’m not saying Obama ain’t a politician. Of course he threw Jeremiah Wright under the bus! He’ll probably throw a few more under that junt too! Why? HE’S A POLITICIAN. That’s what they do. They say what it takes to get elected. No politician is really out for the best interest of the people. It’s about payola and getting themselves on. That’s why when we vote, we chose between the lesser of the two evils. Which one won’t dick you as hard on their rise to the top.

Did I vote for Obama. HELL YES. He was the lesser of two evils. Hell, I didn’t even know who I was voting for until midway through the democratic primaries, after listening to what they ALL had to say (Republicans included. I don’t vote party lines) Do I agree with everything he’s done? HELL NO. But I am NOT going to fake the funk two years later because a cartoonist spoke his thoughts.

When it comes to this situation, it’s not a matter of “Obama Dick Riding” anymore. It’s a matter of “Aaron Dick Riding”.


You Freakin’ Pig

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So the other day, a “friend” (I use this term LOOSELY) on Facebook posted a question dealing with Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Now, anyone who knows me knows I’m a sports fan (Thanks Daddy!) so of course I commented.

Keep in mind, I know how to do research and write about sports. That’s what I do. I’ve reported on sports for two different schools, and was the editor of the page of one. I would like to think I know what I’m talking about.  And even if you don’t agree with what I say, respect me, because overall, I’m going to respect you.

Now, I was not the only female that commented, but I was the only female to go IN DEPTH of why I said Jordan was better in this particular era of basketball.  A guy disagreed, but I wasn’t about to go back and forth with dude (his name was Chris). I said what I had to say; I stand by it. PERIOD. A few comments down, a another male commenter named Jamaal said “Man, half of these girls are females and don’t know what they are talking about.” A few minutes later, ALL my comments were deleted.

Are you FUCKING kidding me.

You FUCKING pig. You AND the “friend” who deleted my comments. How dare you say because of my genitalia, that I can’t comment on sports? How DARE you insinuate that I don’t have an opinion? That’s crap. That means you need to turn off EVERY version of ESPN that comes on, because those women are more knowledgeable than me AND you. Erin Andrews, Reischida Candidate, Dana Jacobson….ALL FEMALES that this jerk off watches every day on First and Ten and other various ESPN programming. Let’s not forget the women journalist that cover baseball, hockey, basketball, football, etc, etc, etc….

You freakin’ pig. You are probably the type that says “all women lie” and “no woman can be trusted”. What’s wrong? Didn’t get enough hugs? First girlfriend leave you high and dry? Whatever happened, don’t kid yourself to believe that a woman doesn’t know what she’s talking about, because if that’s the case, you’ll ALWAYS be in the rinky dink position you are in….BITTER.

The Voices (I Create Nothing)

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I hear my name whispered

And the words flow–

For years, I didn’t know

If it was the God or

Something sinister–

I wanted to tell a minister

But I was ten, who would listen?

Visions during daylight

Never put me in fright

But made me…aware…

How odd, because I scare easily.

But they speak to me….

The angels….


As I write the things I do–

See few know what it is

To be touched, yet not know your path

Yet being scared of the wrath

That may come if one


So the voices pour into my ears

Like water in a glass,

Teaching me to outlast fear

And cleave dear

To what I am.

Giving words for those

Who need,

Give food to those who must feed

These voices…lead by one

The Father of the Son

Telling me that I’m not done

As long as inner clocks

Are ticking…


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Have we lost it? If so, where’d it go?

I mean, we don’t show

That we care anymore.

Closed doors on the homeless

Forgotten thoughts of the poor–

The more we get,

The more we throw fits

About our Gucci/Fendi/Prada

Forgetting those who have nada,

Saying “they are just bums”.

So we come to our sorority meetings

Whisper greetings to each in church

Forgetting the hurt

That’s right outside —

We hide behind

Our selfish desire

And put out of the fire

Of caring for each other

Our brothers,

Fuck color.

This is about humanity.

As insanity reigns

We pray for the rain of God’s blessings

Forgetting that he’s testing

Each of us with that bum.

“Be careful…we entertaining angels”…….

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