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I Told Ya!!!!!

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I told ya’ll so. I said it. When DOVIE BURL (no, I’m not censoring nannn name! I’m grown! I keep telling ya’ll that) was hired as Dean of Students at UAPB, I told ya’ll it was not a good look. As I said on FB, I was told I’m “biased”; I was called a “hater” (over what? a non ministry? Chile please); It was said I didn’t understand who she was. I said okay. NOW, I’m hearing that she’s fired. And everyone is like “Oh, I had no idea she was this way!”

Pay attention peeps. Real talk. Everyone that says they have a ministry DOESN’T. Everyone who APPEARS to be for you, isn’t. Ya’ll heard about her hypocritical actions (the fucking around with male students, the way she talked to Homosexual students, the rumors of her hazing) but it was excused because 1) she’s “pretty” ((rolls eyes)) 2) she’s a Delta ((rolls eyes harder)) and 3)) She put on a nice front.  Now, look: She was STEALING from our school, hazing her sorors in private, and overall being a unfair, biased, evil little person who was lucky enough to get the job.

But I was the one in the wrong. *laughs* Sorry, boo. I told ya’ll what it was. And I wasn’t going on just what I heard. I was going on what I FELT. I’ve never felt…comfortable….around her. When I met her as a FRESHMAN, I didn’t feel comfortable around her. The situation with my sister just added to the way I felt. Now look at us….no Dean of Students….lawd, help….


Take Yo’ Ass Home Then!!!!

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You know,

Nobody told you to bring yo’ ass here,

Let’s be clear.

To find us, you had to research, find dirt

Talk to a few friends — so if they whispered in the wind

That this was the place to be

And you don’t see this as such–

Pass the dutch, hit the bus,

And take yo ass home then!!!

Don’t spend time using mind powers

To sour the image that’s already raw–

Claw your way back to the hood

You were from–

Leave OUR jobs,

OUR apartments

OUR place be–

See, this is a “we” collective —

A perspective of change or flee

And to me, your complaints

Are invalid, and rather flimsy like a salad

So make like romaine, and leaf (get it?)

Well, LEAVE, since you unhappy.

I’m tired of the twitter complaints,

Facebook rants, and other scant bullshit

Logic that you unload.

Just GO!

Venus Handles Mars

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No content….just words….let’s go….Venus v. mars (beat)

This venus is truth, sworn, proven on bibles

Animalistic– you can call her tribal

Speak so much they try to make her libel

For all rats going west like Fievel-

He’s just the show, while I am the venue

The place where all the realest can get in to

He is the pinch, boo — I am the slapper

Illuminating rooms just like I’m the clapper

I strap her — both ways — she rides too

Other Venus goes hard — don’t worry ’bout Mars, boo–

Unless he’s cumming — Then, yes he can ride too

Keep ’em all stuck, too close, cause I’m glue

A math equation, I’m solve ’em  like P.Is

Sending out buyers just  like I’m T.I.

The B I G venus runs her mars

Handles him like bars — Got him out washing all my cars

*head nods as the beat goes out*

Death of the Freestyle

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So, I surf YouTube a lot. (Don’t judge me, son! LOL) In my surfing, I’m checking out a lot of free-styles from various artist from various places (Tim Westwood, Hot 97, etc, etc) and yo, I’ve come to the conclusion that the art of the freestyle is dead.

First, I must say, I’m no free-styler.  Just a writer. Always have been, always will be.  I’m too tongue-tied. But I do respect the REAL free-stylers out there; The real emcees that can get up to a mic and say their words without getting tongue-tied of brain frozen (Big Ups) But uh, real talk, you got a lot of basic ass rappers that are signed and making money, but the pure essence of the freestyle is gone.

Cats reading free-styles off of phones; re-spitting lines they had on their mix-tapes; reading texted free styles; I’m disgusted. How can you say you do this for a living and you can’t even build on your craft. Yes, free-styling is part of the craft. If one says they are am emcee, they have to work on and expand on their craft — they have to practice the freestyle, especially if they are like Wayne or Jay Z and claim they don’t write anything down.

I write EVERYDAY. I may not post everyday, but I write EVERYDAY. Why? That’s my craft. My craft is weaving words in ways that works wonders. If my craft was in the booth, I’d be in the booth everyday, practicing, spitting words of the top of my head. Why? Because you ain’t gonna catch me slipping and not popping’ in the streets. You’ll always catch me at my best; Never having to read some my lines off a phone, and prayerfully, never repeating a line I’ve already spit on Facebook.

But maybe that’s just me.

By The Time I Get To Arizona

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Do you realize how relevant this song is today?

In 1990, Arizona lawmakers didn’t want to pass the federal law which made the MLK, Jr. observance a holiday in the state.  Everyone came out of the wood-work to protest this. The Super Bowl was moved; Boycotts were arranged; In all, it was estimated that Arizona lost millions of dollars due to the non passing of the law.  Because of the loss of revenue and the EXTREMELY bad press with songs such as this, the next year, the law was passed.

Fast forward to 2010. Twenty years later, Arizona has passed a law that is more open than the whores on the corner, and I’m waiting to see who in the Hip Hop community is going to speak against this racist law. I mean, that’s what Hip Hop is about right? It’s about righting the wrongs; speaking for the lower class; telling the story; Being the narrative; Speaking the truth, right? Of course Shakira and Ricky Martin spoke out; We’d expect them too. But I’m waiting on the Hip Hop community to say something. I’m waiting on OUR voice to speak, like they did for Barack Obama, Haiti, Katrina, everything….so i waited….and waited….you know who spoke out?

Pitbull.—-It-Is-Contradicting-2-Everything-The-USA-Stands-4-.aspx?PressReleaseID=3ee1ae79-6178-46a4-9266-92a6d8fa6b0d and not to be left behind, our “Insane in the Membrane” ese’s Cypress Hill and Black Eyed Peas frontman, Will I.Am.

Three artist. Out of an industry that is nothing but minorities, mainly blacks and Latinos. Sure, a LOT of artist said it was wrong, but never cancelled a show. I mean damn, can we get an updated “By the Time I get to Arizona” for the 2010? Can I get Mos Def, Nas, and Damien Marley on a track talking about this issue? I mean, can I get Jay Z using his “Obama on the text” connection?

I guess it won’t matter until Beyonce or Rihanna is asked for their papers; Then all of a sudden it’ll be a cataclysmic event.

Halle Berry….Halle Berry!!!

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Poor Halle. Poor, poor Halle. I’ve came to three conclusions. She is either a) HORRIBLE in bed, b) the biggest bitch in the world behind closed doors or c) naive. VERY naive. Something is eeriely wrong for these men to have broke up what some may arguably call “Black America’s Sweetheart”.

Before you fly off the handle, I’m not talking about WHOMEVER hit her. I’m talking about the last three. Justice, Benet and Aubrey.

How is it that a woman, who is allegedly one of the most humble, genuine and arguably beautiful, can’t keep a mate? Now, I’m not a die-hard Halle fan, and while I don’t think she’s the most beautiful, I do think she has a bit of talent, and I don’t mind watching her movies. She does SEEM humble and honest. But she IS an actress. An entertainer. We don’t know what is truly going on in her household. We just don’t. All we know is what we see in public.  All we see is the perfect hair, make up and sound bites.  And he just up and left? How do you leave “perfection?”

I mean, if she’s the most desired woman in the world, the most beautiful, why did Benet cheat? Some say “he’s an asshole!” but I say there’s a reason behind everything. I’ve seen whores go straight and the straight become whores, and it’s all about the actions that happen between the two periods.  Benet had the cream of the crop, and cheated on her “to save her from me” or something to that effect. He claimed to have a sex addiction ((rolls eyes)) And while he could have just made a mistake, as he later said he did, what DROVE him to make the mistake. I don’t really believe in that “once a cheat, always a cheat” crap, so as i said, what made him make the mistake.

And this last dude is so random. He was random when she met him. Random when she had a baby by him. ((Sadly, she was applauded for having a baby without being married, the same thing we tell our daughters not to do)) Now, they are taking ‘time apart”. Wow.

How can someone so perfect be so unlucky in love? The world may never know, but trust me, she does.

Messy is Messy

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So, I’m not backing down. I’d rather hear Kat Stacks story than Superhead (Karrine Steffens). Maybe it’s the way the story was presented.  I don’t know about you, but when you have two people telling almost the same story, yet one comes with pictures of emails and direct messages, I tend to believe the one with proof. But, when it comes down to it, messy is messy.

Both  used their bodies to make cash. Hey, I can’t knock them. If I had a perfect ten body, I’d probably do something along those lines as well.  Models/Video chicks make good money once they get on. The fact of the matter is they betrayed the trust of a lot men.   And don’t think I’m letting the men off the hook in either case….well, the married/committed ones anyway.  They stepped outside their relationship, which is morally wrong as well. But right now, we are focusing on the women of the situation.

What’s the difference between Superhead and Kat Stacks? Nothing. Both just used a different medium and different attitude.  Superhead used the connections she had made on video shoots to get on the Today show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and any other show that would let her come on with her librarian glasses and knee-length skirt.  She presented a woman who was “in an abusive relationship with Hip Hop and the men of Hip Hop” and wanted to be free. She talked about the money, the cars, the vacations, the parties. In the words of one of my twitter followers “she told a story”.

Now, Kat Stacks came through with tweets, internet videos, u-stream, and a blog. Complete with pics of the Direct Messages sent from Nelly and Bow Wow, and texts from the members of Young Money.  She accompanied with phone number shout outs and emails.  She presented a story of an abused woman with a child, making it with how and what she had, which was her body.  No glasses, no knee-length skirts; just a chinese cut bang, a gallon of Seagram’s gin, and a cell phone. No connections like Superhead, but the whole Hip Hop world knows her name, and the entire world has chimed in with an opinion. She talked about the money, cars and the parties. In the words of another one of my twitter followers “she’s doing the most”.

But let’s be real. Both women lived their lives how they wanted, and to make more money, they BOTH told the story in a very public way. Messy is messy, no matter how it’s presented.

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