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There is a song out called “Do The Beanie Weenie”. *blank stare*

Ya’ll know I can’t make this up. And I”m a writer. A damn good one, if I say so myself. But for real, this is what the music industry is about now. A bunch of dancing, talking about money, cars and whores, and talking about dope dealing. Where is the romance? Where is the harmony? Where is the art of story telling?

What really breaks my heart is that all this stupid shit is coming from the south.  Jermaine Dupree, The Dungeon Family, OutKast, Scarface, 8 Ball and MJG, the Geto Boys, No Limit, and dare I say, Cash Money, put in a lot of work to put the south on the map. To MAKE the east/west coast pay attention to what was going on. The south, at one point, was the HUB of the newest, most creative flows….and now….it’s a shell of it’s former self.

Thank you Soulja Boy, Hot Boy Ronald, and all you other idiots out there for making us look like idiots. Mindless coons who do nothing but dance and shuffle our feet.


Miss Underrated

Ya’ll, we need to support REAL ARTIST. Support REAL MUSIC.

This woman is TRULY one of the most underrated, looked over, and most talented out there. Not just saying that because she is soror…I actually didn’t even KNOW she was a Zeta until her third album had came out. I’m saying this because I’m a music lover, and she is a prime example of TRUE talent.

Support our girl! Let’s put REAL MUSIC back on the airwaves.

A different perspective

Alright, I wasn’t going to blog about it. I really wasn’t. But I’m taking it from a different point of view. So here we go.

So, a lot of people when the situation (as in Eddie Long’s gay scandal) broke said “That’s the reason I’m not in church. Christians ain’t shit but hypocrites and liars.” To which MANY Christians replied “Eddie Long didn’t die for your sins! Jesus did! Don’t use this situation to say why you don’t believe in God or go to church”.

Now, I see where my Christian brethren are coming from. A relationship with God is a personal one. It has nothing to do with mommy, daddy, pastor or friends. It’s between you and God. It’s about growth; it’s about faith. It’s about praise.

Yet, I definitely see where the other side is at.

Sometimes, we are the only God a person sees. We are the only “bible” a person can read. We are that the only Jesus that shines through. Now, Pastors are held to a higher standard, so I dig where someone is coming from when they say “oh, that’s why I don’t come to church”. True, He is a man, but he is a man who is CALLED BY GOD and supposed to be living life much differently than the rest of us. When one sees someone like Eddie Long who vehemently protested against gay rights get caught up in a gay scandal, it pushes the ministry back, mainly because he was supposed to be one of the chosen. One of the TRUE righteous.

So yea, maybe because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I see where some are coming from. Which is why I’m going to be more diligent in my growth with God because I want to bring others to Christ, not be the reason they stay away.

Free who? Why?

If I see one more tweet or Facebook status with “Free Boosie/Wayne/TI” I’m going to SCREAM.

Why? Why am I talking about free these men when they did wrong? SERIOUSLY. If you got caught with marijuana, wouldn’t a SOUL be wearing a “Free (insert your name)” . Even your moms would be like “well, baby, if you did the crime, do the time.”

And what’s worse is that these niggers (yeah, I said it. That’s how they are acting. LIKE NIGGERS) are given chance after chance after chance, but won’t do anything with their life.  You got money, fame, cars, investments, and all you have to do is LET GO OF THE LIFE YOU USED TO LEAD. But no! The streets is watching you say; You gotta have street cred, you say. Street cred don’t mean a thing when you are getting butt raped by Big Pookie and Ed. It means nothing when you come out of the pen and do the EXACT same thing. It means nothing when you are facing life in prison.

You know who we should free? Free Assata Shakur.  Free the West Memphis Three.  Free those locked up for crimes they didn’t commit. Free those who are locked up unfairly.  Free the Scott Sisters Stop telling me to free some dude who had the opportunity to do something with their lives and let it waste away.

The God in Us

Our actions are killing our words–

It seems absurd

But we must realize that in some people’s eyes,

We are the only God they see.

How can we say we serve

A God of love, and of peace

When we are ready to flogg

The next man for his crime?

We are so blind from our “holy actions”

That we don’t see the distractions

That we ourselves cause.

We commit faux paus

Of the worst kind —

Judging with a sound mind

While committing the same sins…

The same antiquities —

There are no consistancies

In what we say or do?

We scream “God’s view”

While we throw stones and hide hands–

Participate in wars in foreign lands

Kill innocents for cash

Then say a man who likes ass

Is condemned to hell’s gates.

At this rate, it’s hard to see

Why anyone follows Christianity–

Kids molested, and it’s covered up

Pastor’s stealing from the collection

To fill his champagne cup

And we wonder why there is an abrupt

Decline in belief in God.

Yes, man will sin, fall and forget

But we are the only GOD some see.

So, how can we say in God we trust

When people don’t even see the God in us?


PETA = terrorism. Yea, I said it.

First, let’s look at the definition of terrorism.  Terrorism, as defined by the all knowing white man (AKA Merriam-Websters…LOL) is the “systematic act of using terror , especially as a means for coercion”.  I have also seen it defined as “someone who uses violence and intimidation to advance their agenda or for political gain”.

Now that we know WHAT terrorism is, let me back up my statement that PETA = terrorism.

1) Think about all the cases of celebrities or those who are well off having red paint dashed on their clothing.

2) Think about how full force PETA comes after a person when they speak up and don’t agree with their agenda.

3) Have you ever really LISTENED to PETA threatened a celebrity for endorsing fur? It’s sickening!

4) Two words: Mike Vick.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Mike did wrong. Dog fighting is WRONG. It’s unethical and immoral. But dammit, the boy did his time. He paid his restitution. He’s done his community service. It is NOT their call to say one word about that man.

PETA = terrorism. And I stand by that.

Stylistic’s Video — Watch!

Ya’ll check out my boy’s video….and follow that man on twitter @StylisticEnt….let’s promote artist who actually are out there grinding!

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