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Tucker Carlson

Ah Tucker. Tucker, Tucker, Tucker.

In ANOTHER effort to keep yourself revelant in the business that is news media, here comes another attempt to raise the ire of the people.

So, on Faux…I mean, Fox News, during a round table discussion, Carlson said that Vick should have been executed for what he did.

So, this is what it’s boiled down to.  Here we have ANOTHER person who seems to think that Micheal Vick should have gotten killed OR life in prison for not telling what was going down on his property.  Are we serious? The guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart isn’t getting these type of comments (let’s keep in mind that he kidnapped and held a girl for SEVERAL years) and BP has killed more animals in the gulf that any dog fighter can ever kill in a lifetime.  But Mick Vick should be executed?

This is what happens when an irrelevant, bow tie wearing idiot of a man gets a platform AGAIN….*smh*


The Torso Only Man

So I shared this on Twitter (follow me….@My_T_AFROdite…shameless plug…LOL) but I want to share it with those who aren’t on the site, plus I wanna give some background.

Now, as most of you know, I moved to the coast in June, when I was done with school.  Came down to do a bit of job hunting, visit with the fam, this and that, you know?  Well, we live in the back park of Biloxi, close to the town of D’iberville and I always see this guy in a wheelchair rolling in the parking lots of the shopping area by two main streets.

Now because I could never see him up close and personal, I always assumed that he had his legs, or something.  Maybe he was an amputee. Or was paralyzed.  Regardless or the situation, I thought that he had…something.

Well, yesterday, I saw that man up close. Ya’ll when I say he has NOTHING.  He has NOTHING.  He is head, arms and torso.  No hips.  No legs.  No genitalia.  NOTHING.  There he was, making his life happen, when he could be at home feeling sorry for himself.  I can’t feel sorry for him, nor will I feel sympathy. 

Moral of the Story:: Think of the torso only man when you feel the need to complain about the small shit.  If he can make it, why can’t we?

12 Days Of Christmas — Day Three

So, how often do you volunteer?

Once a week? Twice a month? When the sorority says so?  Is it something that you do because you want to, or because it’s expected.

Follow me.

The other day, I was speaking with someone (will will remain nameless) who was volunteering down at one of the food kitchens.  Now, she is a pretty active volunteer, whether it be with the church or on her own, but this day, she was with her job (who will also remain nameless).  Now, the job is a franchise corporation, and it just made me wonder…are they doing this because they really WANT to, or because it’s the “holidays”.

Keep following me.

It’s like, during this time of the year, all of a sudden, everyone wants to VOLUNTEER. Help the needy.  Help the sick babies.  Help the homeless mothers.  Like they weren’t homeless, needy, and sick the other 359 days of the year.

So, this year, while we do our volunteering and faking like we care, remember: There are still 359 other days when we are needed.

A Woman And Her Blackness

So, I’m on Twitter (follow me @Hello2DaBadGirl…shameless plug…LOL) and Toure, a commentator on MSNBC, made some interesting points….

I think for Black men of my gen what it means to be a Black man was massively shaped by Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali & Richard Pryor…

But who are the generation-wide influencers on Black womanhood for sisters my age? Who is their Malcolm, Ali & Pryor?

It makes me wonder.  Who shaped what it means to be black for women who are in the 25-40 age rage?  Is it family? Friends? Celebrities?

If we go the “celebrity route”, let’s take a look at what it is:

The generation before me had Rosa, Daisy, Angela, Nikki G, and Coretta.  The generation behind me has Oprah, Michelle, Debra Lee.  Who did MY generation have?  Who showed us on a NATIONAL scale, what being a black woman was?

Was it Lyte? Latifah? Salt and Pepa? Claire Huxtable?  From a purely celebrity standpoint, are the women who showed us what being a black woman was only in Hip Hop or fictional television?  No activist? No journalist?

What say you, nation?

12 Days Of Christmas — Day Two

Today, I want to reminisce for a second.

Most people who know me know that my immediate family stopped celebrating Christmas in the traditional sense when I was five.  No, we are not Jehovah Witnesses; my parents saw what it was becoming, and nipped the situation in the bud.   Besides, in my mom’s words, “who needs a holiday to spend time with family? And who needs a holiday to give a gift?”  Touche mama.  But just because my parents didn’t, that didn’t stop my other family members from doing it.  So every Christmas day, we’d pile up in the car and go visit family.

Of all the people we’d go visit, the one who got off on Christmas was my MuDeah.

Man, look, Earline had it ALL, son!  The moving reindeer, the manger scene, the tree, lights everywhere, including on the big three that was in the front yard….it was like….Santa Claus threw up in her house.  But you know what was weird?  I liked it.

I enjoy seeing MuDeah happy.  Not only did she get off on the decorations, she got off on buying gifts, wrapping them, taking the bus downtown, the whole nine.  Now, she was a happy person throughout the year, but this time of year was her time.  She ALWAYS came to the Christmas plays at the church, always cooked pies and sweets, always made the hams, always keep us out for hours on end just LOOKING.  My dad would always  go get her and take her around the richer Pine Bluff to see the lights.  Afterward, she’d try to mimic the designs she saw.

The other day I was walking through the Beau Rivage (the real ritzy casino on the beach) and saw how it was designed.  My immediate thought?

“MuDeah would fight a security guard over that tree”.

The Bad Guy (Open Letter to my love)

“Say Hello to the bad guy…you say I’m the bad guy” — Jay Z

Dear Love —

I never thought I’d be so upset, prone to regret

The day we exchanged numbers.

The love you awakened was in slumber,

And I was happy that you

Of all people,

Was able to stir it up.

My cup

Ran over with kind words

And whispered deeds,

But I guess the need

To be was stronger than

Your will to push.

My heart was mush,

Yours still guarded

And I refuse to feel retarded

Because I did what

I felt was good.

I treated you as I should,

Like the wonderful person

You are, but by far,

All you did was push…and lie.

Why did I have

To find out things via twitter

Or facebook….and don’t look

At me like I did wrong, you see

Because now I’m the bad guy…

The one you truly wanted.

The one you can’t be without.

So I no longer have a doubt

That love is going back to slumber.

I’ll keep your number

But don’t think it’ll be used soon…..

Kitti Konclusions

It’s another round, my faithful readers! #OhLehsDoIt

1.) Keep only the righteous in your cipher. …and that statement has NOTHING to do with religion.

2.) I’ve learned that a woman has to play walk the fine line….if we put to much out there, we are intense.  Too little? We don’t care.  It’s balance.  A true tightrope performance.

3.) Men have a bigger role in how we as a woman see ourselves than we and men would like to admit.

4.) I hate it when people have pets and don’t take care of them. Um. Groomers are cheap.  Take your pet.  Noone wants to smell like animal.

5.) The more I deal with females, the more sympathy I have for males.  The pickings are rather slim in regards to either side finding a quality mate.

6.) The natural v. perm debate will never go away.  It’s kinda like the “who can say the word nigger” debate.  It’s destined to be in our conversation forever.

7.) We always get mad at the woman for “stealing someone’s husband”. Um. Why is NO ONE mad at the husband (side eye to Swizz Beats)

8.) Luke Scott is just an effin’ bum, man.  No one is saying that he can’t have an opinion on how the country is going, but let’s come up with something other than the whole “the President wasn’t born here” spill.  Grow up.

9.) I must say that I enjoy being called a hater.  When you call me a hater, all I hear is “I can’t intellectually defend my argument anymore”

10.) That hanging in South Carolina is suspect AS HELL

11.) When you make someone the bad guy, be prepared for ALL the consequences.

12.) I don’t care WHAT you say, I don’t understand how the Beatles are such “cultural icons”. I really don’t. But then again, many don’t think that Tupac is a “cultural icon” or Elvis for that matter.  Such is life.

13.) IDK how to feel about this Wikileaks thing.  While I’m a proponent of Free Speech in Journalism, I don’t believe that you should put lives at risk, and releasing those forms may have put our troops at risk.

14.) Elizabeth Edwards is the definition of a classy woman. RIP. Godspeed to her family.

15.) That “Return of the B Girl” (produced by Ninth Wonder) is off the rip.  Finally, a woman talking about more than her tits, her ass, her money, and how many dudes and females she can screw.

16.) Don’t. Push. Me. I teeter on the edge.

No dedications today….just 16 things on my mind….

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