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I Support Park 51

Yes, I support a community center built by Muslims. AND?!?!?!

First off, let’s stop calling it a mosque. It’s a community center, complete with a Chef school. OMG. Knife Wielding….cooking students? Ooooookkkkayyyyy. I see why the right and some of the left are scared (insert sarcasm).

(sidenote) You know, I’m tired of people milking 9/11 for political gain. YES, it was a tragedy. YES, it was horrible. But if a politician is ONLY talking about the bad and not the good that has come from rebuilding our country, you are MILKING THE SITUATION.

Back to Park 51. It’s not about religious freedom. It’s about denying people the RIGHT to build something that is beneficial to the community. The Muslim community does everything they can to promote tolerance, but it seems that others aren’t hearing it. They want to stay mad at ONE GROUP OF EXTREMIST. If that is the case, why don’t people stay mad at those who bomb abortion clinics? Isn’t that done “in the name of God”?

I don’t get it. I don’t have to. All I know is I support Park 51.


Natural, Naturally

So once I learned better
I decided to do better…

I saw what the chemicals
Could do…
Something few of us
Take the time to read
And then I made an effort
To be my natural, beautiful self.

See, my wealth is more than
Falling in line
Being one of a kind
Is more my style.
And while some complain
(I won’t say no names)
That I’m judgemental,
I’m satisfied within my mental
That I can do without
The “creamy crack”.

I found it interesting
That my headaches slowed
When I stopped with the
“African Pride” and “Dr. Miracle”.
I find it really hysterical
That I’m judged for
Being me, naturally.

When being natural
Is my calling,
And I’m nappy
And happy all at once….

Random Thoughts

I read this to a friend who hated it…but who cares? LOL. I write what’s on my heart.

Skinny jeans are played out
Mohawks should be phased out
Homophobia is rampant while
Politicans keep back hand clout
DADT is all about
Keeping tabs on those who spout
Different views and different dreams
All is crazy, so it seems.
Theories fill the internet
College kids now claiming sets
I’m not talking Greek and life
While copy cats create the strife.
How you say we’re devilish
When you own roots are in our shit?
Cats are simply full of it
While “family values” is what they spit.
I’d say I’ve had enough of it
But I can lie – I’m loving it
I’ll never say I’m thugging it
But silly shit- I’m mean mugging it
Got a mouth that semi-automatic
Staying lose friends – Stay catching static
I’m like Pops, though – You gotta have it
My opinions keep cats coming at it
I mean me, intellectual
So sorry I’mnot perpetual
But ever changing is my flow
I’ve said before “just watch me glow”
Star light – So bright – daughter of LeRoy
Not claiming Barbie – She’s a toy
And if I’m to matter to a boy
Well, a man – Please understand
That I am more than plastic mess
Something pretty and in a dress
But I am Kitti…Earline…Miss Jay
I’m doing this whole thing hard….my way

Y The Revolution Won’t Happen

Well, it’s several reason why I say this.

First of all, we are lazy. We’ve forgotten that it takes a village to raise a child, helping hands to make a community, and each other to make a difference. We are SO stuck on the “Me, Myself and I” mentality that nothing will ever get better. We don’t want to do anything outside what we want to do. If it ain’t dealing with our job, our kids, our family, then it don’t happen.

Second, we are scared. When you are apart of the revolution, you are on the fringes of society. One of our basic needs is acceptance. We want to feel like we have a place. Noone wants to be thrown to the wolves, so to speak, and when a person picks up a “radical” cause, that is what happens. They are thrown to the wolves. Family deserts them. Friends talk shit about them. Co-workers cross the hallway when the come through. That produces feeling so fear.

We LIKE having something to complain about. It’s just that simple. No explanation needed.

Revolutionaries are judgmental. There, I said it. If someone doesn’t think like us, we immediately cast them off, forgetting that at one point, we were also lost.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m going against the grain…..and I won’t complain about the splinters….


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Dude, I swear I’m home schooling my kids.

Real talk, some teachers should watch what they post via Facebook or Twitter. I mean, we all should, but hear me out. If I know you are a teacher, and all you talk about is how you hate your job, and you can’t stand the kids, and parents aren’t this, you are suspect in my book. Teaching is one of those professions that you go into KNOWING that you 1) won’t make a lot of cash 2) will have obstacles and 3) won’t get a lot of praise. So now, if you got into teaching thinking you’d be a millionaire, you are crazy. And very simple minded. Like, what’s the point?

It bothers me to see all these teachers (not educators. TEACHERS) tripping and saying things like this. If it’s that bad, go back to school and be an accountant.

Church II

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So, when I complain about church, I’m not complaining about the worship part. Truth is, I love learning about God. I love reading the word. I love the studying that comes with it. I don’t even mind being “forced” (and I use the term loosely actually) into going. It’s all a learning experience. One that truly takes time and dedication.

But I am rather upset with us people that call ourselves “Christians”. What is the purpose of the hypocrisy? What is the reason for the childishness? How are we leading people to God if all we do is sit and back bite each other?

Like, I see why Christianity is a turn off to some. It’s not that they don’t love God and don’t want to learn for themselves. It’s because we kick over the message. SERIOUSLY. How can we say love our neighbor but then don’t help the poor (Jesus said the poor will be with us ALWAYS). How can we say Praise God through everything, yet we constantly complain? How are we helping? How are we ministering? We aren’t. We are just going throught the motions.

I have to make an effort. Yes, “church” bothers me. Just like “playing church” bothers me. But I have to do what is right in the sight of the Lord….our ministry isn’t in our words; It’s in our actions.


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So, today I’m going to church. Not really a big deal, considering that I’ve been forced to by my mom. She says as long as I’m living here, I have to go somewhere. She feels that I’m “clouded” by what I’ve HEARD them say about the people at the church. Hm. No, not clouded. Just seeing with the God-given third eye.

1) All churches are the same. Seriously. One core group “runs” the church, while all others are treated as subordinates. That’s not the way I interpret the bible. ALL OF US should be working TOGETHER for God’s purpose. But in seems that ppl are possessive of their church. And not in a good way. “How dare these new people have an opinion!”

2) People are picking and choosing what part of the bible they want to present to the people. EVERYONE is presenting homosexuality as wrong, but noone is presenting that raising your kids to be obnoxious, self loathing, selfish little snots is wrong (and yes, we are raising our kids to be that way)

3) Noone is really doing “thus said the Lord”. Noone cares about the homeless, they are simply fronts to SAY they are doing good. How can you care for the Homeless when you kick them out because they aren’t following your simplistic rules. It’s asinine.

More to come later. I gotta go get ready for this “church” thing.

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