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No Black Bachelor For You!

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You know, let’s keep it 100. If there was a black Bachelor, no one would be happy.

For one, black women would have a conniption fit. Why? SOME form of fault would be found in the black women they picked.  The women would be too dark, too light, too natural, not natural enough, too much weave, too skinny, too fat, too manufactured, blah, blah, blah. It’d would always be SOMETHING.  The one thing that WOULD be agreed on however is that the women are “too hood” or “not black enough.”  Yea. It would be some fight or some sort.

And speaking of fights….you know fights are egged on during reality shows, right?  Don’t you think VH1 did enough with “Flavor of Love”, “For The Love of Ray J”, “Real Chance at Love”, etc, etc, etc.  Do we really need a show on Primetime TV that shows up being catty? Don’t you think we have enough of that on cable?

Oh, and PLEASE don’t let ABC decide to throw some white girls in the mix.  Can’t you see the controversy now?  Can’t you read the headlines? “Black Bachelor says Producers Pressured him to Pick Exotic or White Women” or “Black Bachelor: I Don’t Understand. Why Are They Mad That I Picked White.”  Honey, I do NOT have the time.

Reality TV is about ratings, and bullshit produces ratings.  But um…ABC is SO unprepared for anything that having a black contestant on the Bachelor will bring. So um…yea…no black bachelor for you!


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