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Respect Me In The Morning

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We stand here.

Tension high,

Breathing scattered.

I wish that “be a lady” shit

Didn’t even matter, because

I want to be

Cradled and handled

By you.

Will you still see me

As the black queen

Or will an impromptu love scene

Change your scope, your views?

In the midnight light

Our will can be done

But will you respect me

When I leave?

I’m not saying cleave,

Be a couple, be as one,

But when we are done….will you still

See me the same?

Between me moaning your name

And grabbing your ‘locs

Promise you won’t put me in some little box

And say

“Oh this is what she is”

And not see me for who I am.

As I whisper a soft “damn”

and or “right there” or an “oh please”

Don’t reduce me

To something so unclean.

I’m not obscene;

You just entice and excite.

So I stand here.

Tension high,

Wishing that womanhood

Was banging in my head

Because while I crave to be led

To your bed, I also

Desire your respect later…..

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